Feb 8, 2017

Big Data, Analytics, and Politics. Our February 2017 Enterprise Data & Analytics Update

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Please see our latest update on m&a trends for the four segments of the Enterprise Data & Analytics sector that we follow and sometimes lead, here. In December we wrote a blog post on why Data & Analytics failed the pundits predicting the outcome of the Brexit referendum and our recent Presidential Election. A few weeks ago, in our Fintech Market Update, we noted that, in spite of the fears raised by many of these same pundits, following both events, interest rates did not skyrocket – they fell; and securities markets did not crater; they rose. The sky has not…

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Jan 26, 2017

6 predictions for healthcare in 2017 – what you need to know. Our January 2017 Healthcare Market Update

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Dear Clients and Friends, Click here for our January 2017 HIT Market Update. It is a new year. Time again to take out our crystal ball and share our top predictions for 2017. In keeping with our tradition, we have tried to think beyond some of the headlines such as the repeal of Obamacare and how that could slow down IT adoption. Instead we have attempted to enumerate the more subtle shifts that could impact the most active sectors for capital raising and M&A. AI will move beyond the brute force of using lots of processors and large memories. The…

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Trust and Predictability4

Jan 12, 2017

Trust, Predictability and Momentum. Deals need it all. Our January 2017 Market Update

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Dear Clients and Friends: Welcome to the New Year. Please find our January 2017 M&A Market Update here. It covers m&a trends in the dozen+ information technology sectors that we follow – and sometimes lead. Last year was a strong one for mid-market infotech m&a. We’re still looking good. A week or so ago, in our Fintech Market update, I noted that, in spite of the rise of populism and Russia, the mess in the Middle East, the uncertainty of Donald Trump, Brexit and what may be the beginning of the end of a united Europe, interest rates have remained…

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2017 modern

Jan 6, 2017

Five Fintech Trends for 2017: Our January 2017 Fintech Market Update

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Please find our first Fintech M&A Market Update of 2017, here. What a year we just had. I won’t try to summarize it; way too much happened from the rise of populism and Donald Trump, to Brexit, Syria and what may be the beginning of the end of a united Europe. After the Brexit vote, VC investment in Europe dropped by half. And of course, 2016 saw the publication of my book, The Marine Corps Way To Win on Wall Street. It’s not only about a better way to run a Wall Street business; it’s about a better, smarter, more…

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time kills all deals

Jan 3, 2017

Time kills all deals

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Woody Allen once famously had a character say: “A relationship, I think, is like a shark, you know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies.” In our world, the same can be said of m&a negotiations. In other words: “Time kills all deals”.  As an investment banker that has been involved with many mergers and acquisitions over the years – I’ve come to live and die by this mantra. We’ve seen it many times, the probability of a successful deal completion declines as time passes; if enough time passes before a deal closes, it will, most likely, die. So…

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