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Jun 29, 2017

Is Apple the next next thing in Healthcare? Our June 2017 Healthcare update

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Dear Clients and Friends, Please see our June Healthcare IT Review here. We made a prediction earlier this year about the emergence of Apple as one of the most influential players in healthcare. Given the company’s recent activity, we are more convinced than ever that Apple is onto something big. Apple’s plan seems to be a play of building big software platforms internally and then acquiring select competencies to quicken their success. Here are the key components. Three years ago, Apple began introducing a series of health and fitness related apps and tools including HealthKit, ResearchKit and then CareKit. Using…

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May 30, 2017

Is Silicon Valley changing medicine forever?

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Please click here for our May 2017 HIT Market Update. There is a saying that Silicon Valley’s culture is like Tasmania or Madagascar because it develops different life-forms than anywhere else. For the past few decades, the area has been home to disruptors who do not sail on other people’s waves, but create their own. While most of us are busy worrying about MIPS and MACRA and how to implement bundled payment programs, entrepreneurs in the Valley’s are working on longer-term and highly ambitious healthcare projects. Below are just a few. You may think that some of them are outrageous…

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Apr 12, 2017

What needs to change in the healthcare spending formula? Our April 2017 HIT Market Update

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Please click here for our April 2017 HIT Market Update. If the U.S. healthcare were an economy, it would be larger than the GDP of Italy. So  what are some of the key drivers that can contract the size of our healthcare “GDP”? It sounds counter-intuitive. Nations strive to expand their GDP, but when it comes to healthcare, we have to reverse our thinking before it overwhelms us. The formula behind calculating GDP is: C + G + I + NX; where C stands for private consumption or consumer spending, G is the sum of government spending, I is the sum of…

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Mar 1, 2017

HIMSS 2017- who will win the battle between the doom sayers and the optimists?

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Dear Clients and Friends, Please click here for our March 2017 HIT Market Update. Last week we attended HIMSS, the largest HIT conference. Although we were warned that the mood could be somewhat subdued, and despite a few cautionary signs, we came back inspired by the technologies we saw, the entrepreneurs we met and the outlook for the future. Here are a few of our observations. 1. Most vendors appeared cautiously optimistic. Whether TrumpCare repeals or replaces ACA, people believe that the same IT sectors such as data integration, analytics, care management, and consumer technologies will remain as key priorities…

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Jan 26, 2017

6 predictions for healthcare in 2017 – what you need to know. Our January 2017 Healthcare Market Update

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Dear Clients and Friends, Click here for our January 2017 HIT Market Update. It is a new year. Time again to take out our crystal ball and share our top predictions for 2017. In keeping with our tradition, we have tried to think beyond some of the headlines such as the repeal of Obamacare and how that could slow down IT adoption. Instead we have attempted to enumerate the more subtle shifts that could impact the most active sectors for capital raising and M&A. AI will move beyond the brute force of using lots of processors and large memories. The…

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