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May 12, 2017

What are the Liquidity Options for Data Analytic Firms? Our May 2017 Enterprise Data & Analytics Update

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Dear Clients and Friends, Our latest update on M&A trends for the four segments of the Enterprise Data & Analytics sector that we follow, and sometimes lead, can be found here. While many eyes have been focused on the recent rise in the value of large publicly traded companies, we have been focused on values in the middle market – watching the value of EDA firms that IPO, as well as those that transact in the private markets. So far, the view has been pretty good. As examples, Insight Venture Partners-backed Alteryx (NYSE:AYX), a well known name in Business Intelligence…

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Apr 27, 2017

How many ways can m&a transform a Fintech company? – Our April 2017 Fintech Market Update

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Dear Clients and Friends, The report found here highlights some of the m&a trends and transactions in the seven segments of the Fintech world that we follow and sometimes lead. It can be found here. As 2017 rolls along, the Fintech sector remains an incredibly exciting place for us, with substantial m&a activity for companies offering technology and services to those involved with capital markets, banking, insurance, GRC, wealth management, payments, and more. Over the past few years we’ve seen a number of transformative Fintech deals such as ICE’s $7.8bn acquisition of Interactive Data; SS&C’s $2.7bn acquisition of Advent Software;…

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Dec 13, 2016

The Value of Predictability Combined with Growth

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Most everyone understands that, all other things being equal, a business growing faster than another should be worth more. Similarly, all things being equal, a business that has more predictable revenue streams should be worth more than one that is less so. These are precisely the reasons why, in the tech world, so many businesses with highly recurring revenue models are valued at a premium to others that have similar top line growth rates (especially firms that rely primarily on one-time sales of software or services). In fact, in recent times in our m&a world, it’s become about more than…

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May 5, 2016

Salesforce – It ain’t just CRM anymore.

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Salesforce is the 4th most valuable software company in the world, and by far the youngest of the top four. It got to this vaunted position in part because of its superior service. We’ve been loyal users of Salesforce to help power our marketing efforts at M&A for more than 10 years. But also, much as Apple has encouraged others to develop apps for its iPhone and iPad, Salesforce has grown by encouraging other firms to leverage its presence and capabilities to build value added software on top of the Salesforce platform. This is the Salesforce Ecosystem. It isn’t just about CRM any longer.

Mar 21, 2016

IHS finds its new CEO while Markit materially grows its empire – but where are they going?

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In one of the more interesting transactions in the information space of late, Colorado-based IHS (NYSE:IHS) and London-based Markit (NASDAQ:MRKT) announced their intent to merge yesterday. Based upon March 18, 2016 closing prices, the transaction values IHS and Markit at about $7.5bn and $5.2bn in equity value (or $10.4bn and $5.9bn in enterprise value), respectively. Upon completion of the merger, the combined company will be renamed IHS Markit. We’re still trying to figure out what it all means.

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