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Mar 9, 2016

Fintech – Taking Humans out of the Equation and Blockchain Fever

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There’s been a lot of talk about how hot the fintech space is – fintech venture investment has grown 3x since 2014, driven by a new wave of virtualization of financial services by technology companies. In 2013, traditional finance companies invested $2.4B in fintech ventures; that amount is expected to double to $4.7B by 2018. In the US, the financial sector has grown from 6.2% of GDP in 2008 to 7.1% in 2015. Gartner says that this sector is the largest consumer of technology, representing 18% of the global spend in IT. The fintech sector is hot. But what’s driving it?

Dec 1, 2015

No Need To Go Public?

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In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Telis Demos and Corrie Driebusch presented a solid case for the downtick in IPOs – companies prefer to go the M&A route, especially in volatile financial markets. We concur but actually the M&A route is only part of the story. It’s important to think about why companies want to go public in the first place. Reasons may include liquidity for shareholders and employees, capital for growth, currency for acquisitions and probably ego, all are part of the IPO equation. As M&A bankers we discuss the viability of an IPO with a lot of businesses and…

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