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Oct 31, 2016

Can Blockchains save our healthcare system? Our October 2016 HIT Market Update

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Dear Clients and Friends, Click HERE for the October 2016 Healthcare IT Review. In the early 1980’s, corporate executives at IBM and AT&T predicted that global demand for personal computers would top 1,000 units and there will only be 2,000 subscribers for wireless phones. The world is a different place now. And yet, we hear echoes from the past where sceptics in our industry say change will come slowly and incrementally, if at all. Healthcare, they claim, is different and it would be difficult to make sweeping changes to the industry quickly. But the reality is different. Not only is change…

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Aug 2, 2016

Distributed Ledgers, Blockchains and Virtual Currencies: Are We Nearing A Pivotal Systematic Change?

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With the advent of HTML 1 in 1993, which standardized the language used to create web pages, the potential of the internet became unlocked. With applications written in HTML combined with a viable connection (and authorization), suddenly anyone could access a treasure trove of information from anywhere on the planet – and sometimes beyond. (Think Hubble and the Mars Rover). With HTML, the internet effectively sped up the process of globalization to light speed. What would be next?

Apr 18, 2016

Fintech: It’s Changing Everything – M&A April Fintech Market Update

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It’s a busy time for fintech dealmakers. Not only are people investing in disruptive fintech companies in the US and the UK, but entrepreneurs with new approaches in China, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, India and a dozen other countries are also seeing massive action. We’ve always taken a global approach to advising clients and this week we were pleased that the M&A Advisor named us as the Boutique Investment Bank of the Year at their 8th Annual International M&A Awards fete.


Mar 9, 2016

Fintech – Taking Humans out of the Equation and Blockchain Fever

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There’s been a lot of talk about how hot the fintech space is – fintech venture investment has grown 3x since 2014, driven by a new wave of virtualization of financial services by technology companies. In 2013, traditional finance companies invested $2.4B in fintech ventures; that amount is expected to double to $4.7B by 2018. In the US, the financial sector has grown from 6.2% of GDP in 2008 to 7.1% in 2015. Gartner says that this sector is the largest consumer of technology, representing 18% of the global spend in IT. The fintech sector is hot. But what’s driving it?

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