Marine Corps Discipline And The M&A Process

Jul 30, 2015

Marine Corps Discipline And The M&A Process

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A few weeks ago The Suit, an online magazine, interviewed our founder, Ken Marlin, for their July issue. They focused on the many ways in which my 10 years as a Marine shaped the way my firm approaches business in general and the m&a process in particular.

As noted in the article, it is all about focus, expertise, commitment, and developing smart people who use repeatable approaches to problem solving. That is a disciplined approach that I learned as a Marine and one that we practice at our firm.

Our approach works. That is why Marlin & Associates is one of the most active firms advising buyers and sellers of U.S. and international middle-market firms that provide software, data, and related services.

If you are interested, the full article is here. It is fun!

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