May 18, 2018

Not Your Father’s Stock Exchange: Our May 2018 Fintech Market Update

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Dear Clients and Friends, Our latest Fintech m&a report can be found here. It highlights m&a trends and transactions in the seven segments of the Fintech world that we follow and sometimes lead. Please click here for our May Fintech Market Update. One of those sectors is made up of firms that facilitate the trading, settling and clearing of securities trades – “Securities Exchanges”. As you will see on Page 15, enterprise-value-to-revenue multiples in this segment are among the strongest of any segment we follow. The average company on the S&P 500 trades at around 2.2x revenue. Canada’s TMX Group…

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May 9, 2018

Powering Through: Our May M&A Report on The Information Technology Universe

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Dear Clients and Friends, Our m&a report found here contains an update on m&a deals, values, and trends in the dozen+ segments of the information technology industry that we follow, and sometimes lead. Please see our May General Market Update here. Byron Wien wrote a great piece last week on the perils of debt to the US economy. I encourage you to read it. Find it here. Wien noted that US national debt – at $20tn – is 3x what it was in 2000 – but the interest on that debt is up only 25% – due in part to…

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May 2, 2018

Marlin & Associates wins multiple ACQ5 Global Awards – Names Sam Levy Principal And Brian McAllister Director

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Dear Clients and Friends, We thought we should share a few bits of news with you: Multiple Awards We just learned that ACQ5 (Acquisition Finance Magazine) has named Marlin & Associates US Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year, as well as US TMT Advisory Firm of the Year. Additionally they named a transaction on which we advised – the $34 million (USD) growth equity financing of Tier1CRM by Wavecrest Growth Partners, Salesforce Ventures, and MassMutual Ventures as the US Small Tech Fund Raising Deal-of-the-Year. They also named me as the US Game Changer of the Year. It was quite…

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Apr 30, 2018

AI in Healthcare: Sunny With A Chance Of Thunderstorm. Our May HIT Market Update

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Dear Clients and Friends, Click here to see the full HIT Market Update including Capital Raise and M&A transactions. Artificial Intelligence stands out as a transformational technology of our time. McKinsey projects that AI can create economic value, including profits and efficiencies, of $2.7T by 2040. According to the Economist, companies spent $22B on AI related M&A in 2017; about 26 times more than in 2015. Here are a few ways we see AI improving the productivity of our industry: AI has the potential to dramatically drop the cost of making predictions – We have been crunching EMR and claims…

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Apr 27, 2018

“Do No Harm”: The Role and Responsibilities of EDA Tech Giants. Our April 2018 Enterprise Data and Analytics M&A Update

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Dear Clients and Friends, The report found here gives our sense of the current m&a trends and deals in the Enterprise Data and Analytics sector that we follow and sometimes lead. Please click here for our April Enterprise Data & Analytics Update. As companies adapt to being data-powered organizations, data analytics is fast becoming a core driver for decision making. By and large this is a good thing. Except when it isn’t…. As Mark Zuckerberg has seen, the world of data & analytics is viewed with increasing suspicion by some – as Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and others are chastised for…

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