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Fintech Disruption

Mar 14, 2016

Seismic Shifts in the Exchange Landscape

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It’s an interesting time to be in the business of facilitating m&a in the fintech space. Last week, my partner Jason Panzer wrote a blog post on the ongoing effort by fintech companies to help financial services firms lower costs and improve quality by taking humans out of structured and unstructured processes. One fully intended consequence of this movement has been downward pressure on transaction prices. That’s good for the users – not always so good for the service providers. It’s disruptive.

Dec 16, 2015

Is Precision Wellness more important than Personalized Medicine?

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This week, we published our latest market update on the Healthcare Information Technology (“HIT”) sector. You can read it here. We observe that the answer to the question: Why do Innovations matter? – is that the best ones advance humanity and enhance the quality of our lives. Further, we observe that innovations essentially fall into one of two categories – we like to call them ‘disruptive’ vs. ‘breakthrough’ innovations. Disruptive innovations use new methods or technologies to disrupt an existing process or product. Email, wireless telephony and robotic manufacturing are good examples of disruptive innovations. These innovations wring out inefficiencies…

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