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May 5, 2016

Salesforce – It ain’t just CRM anymore.

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Salesforce is the 4th most valuable software company in the world, and by far the youngest of the top four. It got to this vaunted position in part because of its superior service. We’ve been loyal users of Salesforce to help power our marketing efforts at M&A for more than 10 years. But also, much as Apple has encouraged others to develop apps for its iPhone and iPad, Salesforce has grown by encouraging other firms to leverage its presence and capabilities to build value added software on top of the Salesforce platform. This is the Salesforce Ecosystem. It isn’t just about CRM any longer.

Jan 27, 2016

Financial Institutions Need To Work Harder – and Faster – To Take Greater Advantage of Third-Party Software Solutions

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For years, financial institutions have been spending billions of dollars per year on internally developed software in an effort to gain a competitive advantage – while talking about switching to third-party-based applications. According to a recent article, a well-known financial services firm has more people on its technology team (9,000+ full-time engineers) than Twitter (~3,600 in 2014) or LinkedIn (~6,900 in 2014). They have about the same number as Facebook’s total employee count (~9,200 in 2014). And that financial services firm isn’t alone. In some cases, chief technology officers at even medium-sized financial services firms are managing technology businesses as…

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