What Summer Slowdown? M&A September Market Update

Sep 11, 2015

What Summer Slowdown? M&A September Market Update

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It is September. The common wisdom is that after a long, lazy, slow summer at the beach, people are now back at work. The problem with the common wisdom is that often it is only partly true. Yes, the streets are more crowded and it is easier to get meetings. But, it certainly was not a slow summer. In August alone, we saw more than a dozen deals of scale announced in the sectors that we care about, including those below and a raft of others. In spite of concerns about Greece, China, the Middle East and the volatile stock market, the m&a environment is positive, as interest rates remain low, cash reserves remain high, and the urge to merge continues unabated. I do not know how long it will last but we see no obvious end in sight. To Read the full report, please click here.

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