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Goldman Sachs’ investment arm purchases 5.34% of Japan-based publicly- held M3 for $450 million

M3 is Japan’s largest social network for doctors. The company has successfully monetized their network; offering services such as drug information, on line news and content both in English and Japanese. Goldman purchased the stake from Sony who is the largest investor in M3.

Professional social networks can be powerful revenue machines. They are one of the most cogent platforms for surveys of any kind. Pharma is obviously a key interested party here. But we can also think about  strategy consulting companies, equity analysts and media  firms that would want to tap on the crowd sourcing content of this type of network.

LifeWatch AG of Switzerland receives a $175 million offer from healthcare conglomerate firm, Aevis Victoria.

LifeWatch sells wireless and remote monitoring products internationally. The company is best known for its cardiac monitoring devices.

Some of us that have been around for a while know that Europe was the leader in wireless technologies. But when it comes to healthcare applications, the U.S. is way ahead of the game. LifeWatch is one of the few strong players in the sector. The takeover offer is in the form of stock. Not a bad price for a company that has $93 million in sales and lost $2 million. 

Fishawack Communication based in the UK is sold to LDC Limited (Lloyds bank private equity arm) for $48 million.

Fishawack is a full service medical communication agency. It offers clinical and regulatory writing services, reports and other forms of  literature. The company was owned by another private equity firm, GCP, who bought the business in 2013. Given the complexity of the pharma business, we say that this is going to be a big business.

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