Capital Raising Activity

Devoted Health, based in Newton, MA raises $62 million in Series B

We are super happy to see new breed of insurance startups getting funded. Starting in 2019, Devoted will sell only MA plans. The company has impressive backers ranging from co-founders of Athena to former government officials including Kathleen Sebelius (HHS) and Bill Frist (Senate Majority Leader).

Recursion Pharmaceuticals of Salt Lake City, UT raises $60 million led by Data Collective

reaching total funding of $82 million

The company’s core focus has been to discover new therapeutic opportunities for genetic diseases. The technology is built upon an AI-powered approach to phenotypic screening and other aspects of the drug discovery process. Recursion is tackling multiple diseases from cardio, neuro to dermatology and oncology. We are great admirers of companies that can combine biology with data science to design massively parallel screening protocols. The future is bright for this company.  

AgaMatrix raises $32 million of debt, bringing total available funding for the company to $62 million

The Salem, NH company secured the funding from Prospect Capital Purchases. AgaMatrix is one of the larger pure play companies in the diabetes care solutions for blood glucose monitoring and data management. Since its founding in 2001, the company has sold over 2 million blood glucose monitors and 7 billion disposable test strips.

There is a huge wave of innovation in this market from continuous non-invasive monitors to Google’s smart contact lens.

Los Angeles, CA- based VoxelCloud raises $15 million

This brings total funding to $30 million. This is a classic case of combining imaging analysis, clinical data, cloud computing and AI to achieve a more accurate clinical action. Company’s end to end solutions include lung cancer, diabetic retinopathy, coronary heart disease and liver disease. Sequoia and Tencent of China participated in the round. 

Truveris, based in New York, NY lands $25 million Series D funding led by McKesson Ventures bringing total funding to $55 million

Truveris analytics platform enables customers (both consumers and enterprise) to reduce pharmacy-benefits related costs. The company aggregates pharmacy data from employers, brokers, labor unions and others. We applaud any and all price transparency companies. This is the best way to create competition amongst PBM companies whose future is already cloudy.

Boston, MA- based Caresyntax raises $12 million Series A

Caresyntax develops surgical analytics for hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers through combining IoT technology to identify and manage risk, automate workflow, and reduce surgical variability.

Primus invests in Nashville, TN-based Healthcare Bluebook

Primus Capital is one of the savviest PE firms in the healthcare sector. Healthcare Bluebook is a price transparency company helping employers and consumers assess pricing/quality for several common procedures at facilities in their area. We cheer for any company that can expose significant price differential which can sometimes vary by the factor of 2x to 10x.

Level Ex raises $11 million in Series A for mobile physician training

Level Ex’s technology is one of the more interesting platforms that we have seen in the simulation market. The company creates games that are aimed at replicating operating room scenarios. Using augmented reality and virtual reality is the next frontier that they will be exploring. Working on other specialties such as gastro and cardio are also on the road map. Apparently, doctors love the technology. According to Level Ex’s stats, the average length of a game is 12 minutes and doctors replay them over and over to master a technique and compete against a colleague.

BaseHealth based in Sunnyvale, CA raises $8.5 million

The company’s predictive analytics engine leverages machine learning to identify patients with underlying risk in 43 chronic diseases to prevent costly treatments before the on set of disease. The technology is one of the best around for population health management.

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