International Transactions

MicroMass Communications of Cary, NC is acquired by UDG Healthcare of Dublin, Ireland

The target is a patient engagement company which helps to manage health conditions through motivational interviews and other techniques. UDG is a large public company involved in a variety of clinical and outsourced solutions including patient support and advisory services with over 200 healthcare organization as clients.

Sophia Genetics of Switzerland raises $30 million from Balderton Capital

Another promising genetic interpretation company. The company has raised $60 million to date and was first backed by Autonomy’s billionaire founder, Mike Lynch.

CureFit Healthcare of India raises $25 million from Accel Partners and others

The company operates an online-offline model for fitness centers called Cult. The offerings are quite wide and broad and include yoga, mental health solutions as well as health food services. India is a huge and under tapped market with a growing middle class population. CureFit will do well.

leso Digital Health of UK gets $24 million from Draper Esprit and others

leso offers CBT via text based messaging that takes place in a virtual room. The company collects data from sessions and uses machine learning to continue training its therapists in best practices. We like the sound of this approach.

China-based Shanghai SinoMedCare raises $32 million

The company helps pharma companies develop  sales, marketing and distribution strategies in China.

CareLinx is picked up by Generali Global Assistance

CareLinx offers matching services for families and caregivers for seniors. CareLinx has been successful in differentiating itself vs. others such as Honor in that it operates within a marketplace rather than owning its care givers. The buyer, a subsidiary of the insurance giant Generali of Italy, has 24×7 nurse and doctor hot lines which the companies plan to leverage to expand CareLinx’s business.

Beijing Tuxiang Technology of China raises $18 million from Sequoia Capital and others

Another promising start up developing AI systems for analyzing CT scans of thoracic pulmonary disease. This is a perfect example of a technology augmenting the ability of radiologists to do more concise reads and diagnosis.

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